Shuhei Otsuka



Teaching experience: 10 years

Competition history: Swimming 10 years, baseball 6 years, street dance 4 years

Qualifications: Middle and high school health and physical education teacher’s license, elementary school teacher’s license

My dream is to create a school that nurtures emotions. She studied physical education, health, and sports at Juntendo University, and worked at elementary and junior high schools for three years after graduation. She didn’t like sports when she was a child, but when her friends encouraged her to join a baseball team, she felt the joy of working with her peers and the joy of being able to do what she couldn’t do. I feel it. Now that I have become a leader, I want more children to experience this “impression”. And I want you to live a better life. She agreed with Cody Sports representative Daichi Terao’s philosophy of providing guidance tailored to each individual and joined the company. Growing day by day with our children.

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